Preventive Measures for Infected Goats

Oct. 15, 2020

Heat treatment is used to actively prevent goats that are susceptible to encephalitis and arthritis viruses, but they can still be prevented. In the process of raising goats, prevention measures are taken for the newborn lambs, and colostrum and sterilized milk bottles are fed to the lambs by heat treatment. When heat-treating the colostrum, make sure that the temperature of the colostrum is between 135 and 144℃, and the holding time is about 1h. If the temperature is higher than this, the lambs should not be used. If the temperature is lower than this, the infected virus will not be killed. In addition, the bus sterilized milk should be kept between 65 and 85℃, and the milk should be heated for 15 seconds. After this, the colostrum and milk should be at the same temperature as the body temperature before feeding the lamb. Our company provides tylosin injection.

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Strict testing for new goat purchases In the process of buying new goats, the virus infection of the entire goat herd must be strictly checked to fully understand the actual situation of all aspects of the goat purchase area. If there are recent test results, it is best to look at the latest test results. If there is no recent test result, you must conduct a comprehensive and systematic inspection of these goats after you buy them and before raising them. This will ensure that the goats purchased will not carry congenital viruses, and it will also prevent infection to healthy sheep when mixed with other sheep.

Do a good job of management and sanitation, strengthen breeding management, keep the sanitary environment clean, deal with goats that died of illness in time, do not let the corpse virus spread, and according to the seasonal climate change, do a good job of cooling and keeping the sheep warm and keeping the sheep’s shelter Air circulation. The forage to be fed should be healthy and non-polluting forage, and regular maintenance and disinfection work should be carried out around the flock. The disinfection should be comprehensive and not let go of every corner.

Goat encephalitis and arthritis are infectious diseases that cannot be ignored. They must be checked frequently, not to miss any goats, and effective prevention of goats should be carried out as early as possible in accordance with scientific prevention and control methods, and prevent them from happening. Try to be careful and treat them strictly to minimize the risk of goats. The probability of death due to infection with such a virus also effectively reduces the economic loss of farmers.

The above information is provided by veterinary companies.